About Emma Cooper


Emma was born in 1975 in Reading, Berkshire - a bustling town between the River Thames and River Kennet.  Having always shown a great passion for art Emma was encouraged to pursue this direction by her art tutor and family from an early age.  Following her Foundation Course in Art/Design in 1995 she then furthered her studies in Fine Art Painting at Brighton University in 1998, where she gained a degree in the subject.  Her end of year show proved a huge success, where many of her paintings were sold.


Emma met her now husband Andrew on the final day of her degree course in Brighton, and has remained in Sussex with her two children ever since - finally settling in Worthing, West Sussex.


Emma's paintings have, more recently, become more about the paint, texture and colour - she is an artist who enjoys exploring the medium and seeing where it takes her.  


The outcome of the piece shows it's history of progress, revealing hidden layers below and new narratives.  The result -  'visual poems' that intrigue the imagination and a rich layering of sumptuous colours.  Concerned with a more 'organic' approach the outcome grows with the physical act of painting.

Quite often Emma will take a shape as inspiration, usually shapes we see every day in nature - leaves, flowers, stems, birds, butterflies and use this as a starting point, adding to it her imagination so that a sense of balance and harmony can be found in the piece - resulting in a painting with a heightened depiction of what the subject really is.

"I would like to think that the viewer can attach their own stories/memories to the painting.  Sometimes a painting can really give a 'sense' of somewhere we have once visited, a smell, an emotion we have felt.  A painting can often stir this inside of us in much the same way as a piece of music!"


Titles to my paintings:

"I like to title my paintings purely because, rather than limiting the piece to the title, I feel that it offers the viewer a thread into the picture.  It's an opening, a way to approach the piece - broadening the readership of the work"


All pieces 2014 onwards are signed and dated by the artist. All other paintings can be signed upon request.





Notable Achievements


  • 1st Prize for painting in the Tilehurst Eisteddfod young persons category - 1994

  • Art Foundation End of Year Show Exhibition - 1995

  • Fine Art Painting end of year show - many paintings SOLD -1998

  • Exhibited at Jelly Legged Chicken Gallery, Reading, Berkshire -2000

  • Vario Press commission for images used in their company calendar - 2000

  • Worked alongside Art Therapist Lodi Levi - workshops for young children - 2002

  • Exhibited at 'The Lanes Gallery' in Brighton - all work exhibited SOLD - 2007

  • Commissions received and paintings sold to date




2010 - present

2010 - present

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